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TOETOE® separation provides complete comfort of barefoot sensation!

A classic socks style of traditional mid-calf length, with all the great benefits of TOETOE® designs.

TOETOE® Socks allow each toe to move individually increasing comfort and spreading the toes more naturally.

They are ideal for everyday wear from office to casual shoes.

TOETOE® Separation provides an amazing sensation of comfort just like the feeling if you’re barefoot. Our Mid-Calf toe socks have a classic design that incorporates the great benefits of TOETOE® technology. Our socks allow each toe to move individually, which encourages an increasing comfort and spreads the toes more naturally. 

They are ideal for any occasion, from wearing them at the office for hard work to casually wearing them at home for a relaxed day. TOETOE® socks simply puts your feet in a good mood. 

Conventional socks allow moisture to build up between your toes creating an ideal environment for bacteria and fungus to thrive; that’s the main cause of that embarrassing foot odour. By individually separating the toes, TOETOE® socks reduce the moisture build-up which helps to eliminate the problem. 

Made from 90% Cotton and 10% Elastane, these unisex style toe socks, suitable for men and women, are made extremely stretchy to ensure a perfect fit between sizes: UK 4-11 | EU 36-46. 

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