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The Pioneer of Toe Socks in Europe & UK

TOETOE® Limited has been at the forefront of toe separated socks manufacture and design in Europe since 1999. We are passionate about offering innovative functional socks and legwear that can be beneficial for feet. TOETOE® have the biggest number of styles offered in 6 ranges.

All our styles have been developed with our in depth experience and know-how on toe separated socks and with the collaboration of professional athletes as well as lay people. We are proud to offer toe socks with the best quality material available suitable to the activity. It has always been a great encouragement to receive positive feedback from our customers many saying they will never go back to conventional socks.

Unlike other toe separated socks, TOETOE® products are exclusively produced on high tech machinery designed to manufacture proper fitting toe socks. We design and spin our own yarns to make sure the quality and durability of the final sock is at its best.

Why TOETOE® Socks?

Unique EPT™ promotes non-restrictive toe movement, as in the foot's natural physiology, separating the toes, increasing movement and dramatically improving the flow of information between the foot and the brain.

EPT™ creates a protective layer round each toe, improving ventilation and is proven to reduce the likelihood of inter-digital pressure and blisters enhancing effective bio-mechanical foot function.


Product Ranges


TOETOE® ESSENTIAL is positioned in the premium segment of the socks market. It is recommended and endorsed by many Chiropodists & Podiatrists throughout the UK.

TOETOE® ESSENTIAL offers 2 main styles made with the best quality cotton available.

  • TOETOE® Unisex (Anklet, Ankle / Mid-Calf, Knee-High Plain, Over-Knee Plain)
  • TOETOE® Men Socks (Mid-Calf)

TOETOE® FASHION offers 3 main styles made with natural and technical yarns which are;

  • TOETOE® Silk Socks (Half, Foot Cover, Mid-Calf)
  • TOETOE® Men Socks (Mid-Calf)
  • TOETOE® Stripy Socks (Anklet, Knee-High Stripy, Over-Knee Stripy)

TOETOE® SPORTS offers 6 main styles made with technical yarns which are;

  • TOETOE® Compression Socks (Knee-High)
  • TOETOE® Golf Socks (Mid-Calf)
  • TOETOE® Tennis Socks (Ankle)
  • TOETOE® Running Socks (Ankle)
  • TOETOE® Ski/Snow Socks (Knee-High)
  • TOETOE® Cycle Socks (Trainer, Ankle)

TOETOE® OUTDOOR offers 4 main styles made with natural and technical yarns which are;

  • TOETOE® 3D Walking Socks (Mid-Calf)
  • TOETOE® Terry Loop Walking Socks (Mid-Calf)
  • TOETOE® Liner Socks (Trainer, Ankle)
  • TOETOE® Wool Socks (Foot Cover, Mid-Calf)

TOETOE® YOGA & PILATES offers High quality cotton socks;

  • TOETOE® Anti-Slip Sole OM Foot Cover
  • TOETOE® Anti-Slip Sole SERENE Ankle
  • TOETOE® Anti-Slip Sole Half Open Toe
  • TOETOE® Anti-Slip Sole Open Heel Trainer
  • TOETOE® Anti-Slip Sole Trainer
  • TOETOE® Anti-Slip Sole Ankle
  • TOETOE® Anti-Slip Sole Ankle Open Toe
  • TOETOE® Anti-Slip Sole Mid-Calf

TOETOE® LEGWEAR offers fishnet & Nylon styles in various lengths;

  • TOETOE® Plain Fishnet Anklet
  • TOETOE® Plain Nylon Anklet
  • TOETOE® Plain Fishnet Anklet X-String
  • TOETOE® Plain Fishnet Hold-Up with Silicon
  • TOETOE® Plain Fishnet Tights