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EPT™ is TOETOE's unique design and manufacturing process which ensures all our socks maximise the benefits of toe separation, benefits not seen in conventional socks.

Separating the toes has been shown to improve proprioception - the body's sense of spatial awareness, balance and posture. In conventional socks the toes tend to move as one unit, when separated by EPT™ they move independently increasing sensory feedback and blood circulation which has many "knock-on" effects.

The improved blood circulation through the foot created by EPT™ assists in maintaining the foot at the correct temperature, cool in the summer warm in the winter.

EPT™ creates individual toe pockets which produce a micro-environment where the wicking action of the yarns used moves moisture away from the skin. This minimises the build-up of bacterial and fungal infections protecting against conditions such as Athlete's Foot , and eliminating embarrassing foot odour.

EPT™ creates a weave pattern designed to support the structure of the foot and improve its biomechanical function. It also ensures the fabric moulds to the exact shape of the foot for a perfect fit. The individual toe pockets ensure the toes are always separated by fabric so there is no skin on skin friction, virtually eliminating the chance of blisters forming between the toes.

What is Proprioception?

Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body and the strength of effort being employed in maintaining balance and smooth movement, as an example it is what enables us to walk in complete darkness without losing balance.

Proprioception is occasionally impaired spontaneously, especially when one is tired – such as a Runner, Golfer, Cyclist or Tennis Player reaching the end of their competition. Wearing TOETOE Socks can help reduce the loss of balance and body co-ordination associated with loss of proprioception, enhancing performance.

However, this is not only for elite athletes, anything that involves moving our arms or legs in a precise way without looking at them relies on proprioception – walking, driving and even simply standing.

Because it is the part of the body most commonly in contact with the ground the foot contains a higher density of proprioceptive nerve endings than any other part of the body. EPT™ maximises the feedback from these nerves to ensure the best possible balance and movement.