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3 Pair Pack - Yoga&Pilates - Anti-Slip Sole Trainer

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Barefoot feeling with better foot function
Optimum warmth, effective toe movement
Protection against blisters, fungus and bacteria
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3 Pair Pack - Yoga&Pilates - Anti-Slip Sole Trainer
3 Pair Pack - Yoga&Pilates - Anti-Slip Sole Trainer

In stock



    TOETOE® Anti-Slip Sole Trainer toe socks are meant to be designed for people who have an interest in yoga. They also make a great alternative for slippers or going barefoot at home, they essentially let your feet free.

    They give your toes and feet a lot of freedom, you won’t even notice you’re wearing our socks because they give you such a barefoot sensation. There is no risk of slipping as you’re always gripped to the floor. TOETOE® also helps to keep your feet at an optimal temperature during exercise classes minimizing perspiration.

    Made from 84% Cotton, 13% Elastane and 3% Spandex, these unisex style toe socks, suitable for men and women, are available in 2 sizes:
    UK 3-5.5 | EU 35-38 (Small)
    UK 6-8.5 | EU 39-43 (Medium)
    UK 9-11.5 | EU 44-47 (Large)

    With TOETOE® Yoga&Pilates toe socks, you will reap many benefits including, but not limited to:

    • Seamless Construction - Seamless knitting technology provides gentle hold without restriction
    • Blister Prevention - Helps prevent blisters as there’s no friction between the toes
    • Promotes Better Hygiene - By controlling the factors of bacterial growth (warmth, moisture, dirt), preventing bad smell, athlete’s foot thus keeping the foot fresh
    • Increased Toe Movement in the Foot - Effectively communicates with the body hence promotes good postural habits and balance
    • Secure Grip with Anti-Slip Sole - Rubber dots on the sole, provides secure grip and stability

    TOETOE®: The socks Mother Nature would design.

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