"I have no clue wether customer service is good or not, but the socks are nice and comfy"


"I am happy with toetoe shoe"


"one pair of socks came in over knee instead of knee high and have already got a hole after wearing 3 times."


"I am wondering if the quality is not quite as good as it was. Order before last one pair of silk socks started falling to bits in the toes after FIRST wearing, which was a shock. In this order, new ballarina black socks keep slipping off foot when in shoe, which is irritating Can you do more colours in ankle socks, especially plain brown and blue and also in silk socks for ladies. We get bored with black, but they are good socks to wear, when quality is reall up to speed I love toe toe socks and will never go back to normal socks, so keep up the quality Anna Guest"


"Excellent for when at work - feel\'s likeyour toes & feet can breathe! Have recommended them to colleague"


"Hello, ankle toe socks with grip sole perfect for my mum with mobility problems, as she cant wear slippers. Toe space excellent, easy to get on. Sole grip fab, thought we had solved all her foot challenges!! Only problem is the \'cuff\' of the socks are digging in quite bit to her ankles, worried about it affecting circulation,don\'t know how to solve this, was going to cut them a bit with scissors, can you help?"


"Placed order three weeks ago and still not received my items. I know You blame royal mail but You should send replacement immediately, than deal with royal mail. Not makes me wait 15 working days until You can gat claim with royal mail. That shouldn\'t be my problem, i can\'t use my bikila five fingers because of this... Very unhappy of your service"


"The \'running anklet,\' need to be revisited in terms of design as I find the flap above back of heel collects debris when running off road - i have found grass and soil bits caught up inbetween the flap and my skin which is very uncomfortablr so I now only wear the standard anklet socks when training off road. I would also like to see them slighter thinner in material as when worn with my vibrams they are alot thicker than other 5toe socks."


"Have not received them yet. Please confirm postal address? Rudimentary"


"This is a repeat order as I am on my feet a lot and these socks are so good I cannot go back to ordinary socks anymore"


"I think toe toes are great but defo too expensive, who pays five quid for a single pair of socks when you\'re buying a back of 6. You need to do much cheaper buk prices. The products are fantastic though. Toby :-)"


"I dont think the website is very easy to navigate and find what your looking for, the whole website is very clunky, it doesnt always display properly and it looks very old and outdated. However moving onto the product my girlfriend (who i buy the socks for) absolutely loves the socks! she loves how they separate her toes, she doesnt like them being squashed together and only since having these socks can she wear shoes comfortably. She finds them warm and very comfortable, especially since there are no seams!"


"way too expensive and the shipping and handling were ridiculously expensive. nice socks, though."


"I have to say that very few companies make knee length socks suitable for men. You were one of the few that came up on ebay. I was in a hurry and didn\'t pick up on the toe toe bit and whilst they are super quality and I have no problem with wearing them myself (which I will do) I think my 85 year old hushand is going to struggle getting his foot up to get them on, let alone organise the toe bit. It might have been better to make it clearer on the google site that they have toes! Otherwise nice dea."


"Thank you for your speedy delivery. The only problem I have is that I wished to have my order delivered to a London address, rather than my Bristol billing address, but somehow could not manage to make to that clear using your website. As a result, although the delivery was very prompt, it went to the wrong address, and I have had to go abroad without my socks (some of which were presents) and will have to wait until I return to the UK next month to have them! That being my sole complaint, I should add that I am a huge fan of your products, enjoy wearing toe socks, and recommend them to almost everyone. Keep up the good work!"


"The shipment to continental Europe is much too high, especially considering the high prices..."


"Service was quick and efficient. I wasn\'t sure how they would fit but when I put them on, wow, they are so comfy and cosy. My daughter wants them, but she has small size 3 feet, what about ToeSocks for her? Also there doesn\'t seem to be a big choice for children either. I can see my friends getting ToeSocks for Xmas!!"


"i have used the socks with the pad on the bottom for yoga and they were great. they helped with my balance. the others i have are very comfortable and are helping me to straighten my toes. thank you sheila"


"Normally during hillwalking i would get painfull blisters on my small toes due to rubbing, decided to try toesock liner socks, what a difference, no more toe rubbing or sore toes, woohoo, now just need to find socks that will stop my legs getting sore out on the hills, lol."


"The web site is user friendly, but a bit slow."



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